Men to stop objectifying women, in return for sex

Peggy-sue is the CEO of Accenture, organises charity fund raising events and is a lively, enthusiastic and experimental group sex participant.

Norma Kamali, fashion designer and owner of the website has persuaded all men not to objectify women.

After a conference between her and men, the conclusion was: less objectification, more sex.

She said, ‘It shocks me that people can simply judge women entirely by their appearance.’

‘Some of the models that I deem attractive enough to be chosen for my fashion shows can even do long division.’

‘As a fashion designer, I have had very little exposure to women who were both good looking and intelligent.’

‘I have literally only just realised that they existed!’

‘So I have set up a website where women send in a picture of their favourite body part and a message about how much they have achieved.’

‘For some reason, that makes everything better.’

However, a great deal of the men who attended the conference were quite confused. Steve, an unsuccessful and ugly man said,

‘There are millions of attractive and successful women in the world, everyone knows that.’

‘However, success doesn’t in anyway stop me from wanting to see someone’s tits.’

‘To be honest, I think I will always find tits more interesting than hearing about how great someone’s career is, even if they have had to battle their way to the top with the massive burden of beauty on their shoulders.’

Another one of the men who attended the meeting was Harry Balls, a horny young man partial to online pornography.

‘The thing is, I don’t think people really care if someone is good looking and successful. People really care about whether they are good looking and willing to have sex with them.’

‘I felt bad to begin with because the examples that she gave us of objectification from her website were really good and made me pretty horny.’

‘But everything came right in the end. Nina or Narna, or whatever her name was basically said that we need to empower women.’

‘I think that we basically all agreed afterwards that we would spend less time watching porn and more time empowering women through sex, largely because that was easier than everyone pretending to be gay for the rest of their lives.’

‘We all feel like we have already come on a great deal already because we got through the whole meeting without objectifying her once.’

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Visit the website. It has some really sexy examples of objectification and loads of uplifting messages from women who seem amazed that they have achieved something, despite also having a body.


By dj2011 ( [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

See page for author [CC-BY-2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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